Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's Been...One Week! (Part 1)

This last week was no special week for the world. There were no barbeque's or parties for some random holiday (like Flag Day). Nor was there a large sporting event. However, my last week was quite a page turner and had enough action to rival my entire July, nay my entire summer. I will summarize and hit the high points!

First, I finished my last shift at the dorms (haha I can say that now instead of Residence Halls) Friday afternoon. An exciting yet uneventful time because everyone else was is RA training at that time. Well, I spent the entire evening packing up and moving all of my things into my girlfriend, Heather's apartment and my parents van. I did not do this out of desire to be out of McCutcheon Hall but rather because I couldn't move into my new apartment until Sunday and BGR (Freshman Orientation Week at Purdue) move-in was Saturday and Sunday. Essentially I couldn't move out while 750 kids move in.

Thus, Friday and Saturday I spent at Heather's apartment with all of my stuff crammed into the living room. Granted it was a little easier considering Heather and her roommate Kristin weren't back to Purdue yet, but still I have a lot of crap! Saturday I recollected on BGR move-in and decided to check-in with my favorite pals at MCUT. Boy is it fun watching freshman move-in! It was a little sad to realize I was done with that part of my life but on the other hand I realize I am so ready to grow up and be on my own; no more "babysitting!" I wish the MCUT Staff and all RA Staffs the best this year and you have my full respect. Additionally if any RAs would like to come chill at my new place for a beer and time away from the hall, my door is still always open!

Well, finally Sunday rolled around and I got to move into my new place. My parents kindly came and helped me move my stuff again from Heather's to my place. For those keeping score at home that was my third such move in a month as I had to move all of my stuff to another room at MCUT before I moved out of there.

john mayer battle studies tour Pictures, Images and Photos

But to cap off the weekend, I met up with my beautiful girlfriend Heather in the 'Burg and we headed to the much anticipated John Mayer concert in Noblesville. Now, I really enjoyed the "show" Lady Gaga put on at Purdue and I look forward to the "concert" by Maroon 5 next month, but John Mayer put on the best performance I have ever seen. He just looked like he was up there with his best friends wanting to share his musical passion with everyone there. Heather and I agreed that there aren't very many (if any) John Mayer songs we don't like but he seemed to make each song better than the last. And I'll give props to Heather on calling the encore song "Half of my Heart" which was then melted into a great rendition of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing!" The concert was worth that song alone and I really hope he makes a like album from this tour because he also did a mash-up of "Ain't No Sunshine." So if you ever get the chance to see him live, please do because it is an experience like no other. Oh yeah and we sat in like the 30th row, so we could actually see John rather than a video screen with him on it. big deal! ;-)

That weekend alone is enough to warrant some rest. Well no sir, graduate school orientation started Monday, not to mention I did not realize all the things needed to live on your own for the first time. I will continue with that in Part Two probably tomorrow! Take care!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moving in a New Direction

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all 4 of my followers. The last month has not been that busy, I have just been scattered brained. You see, I am in the middle of a two part move from my dorm room to an apartment, and currently I am living mostly out of boxes. Now this has opened my eyes to a little frustrating game I like to call the "Moving Game!" I will explain.

Moving to a new place can be both exciting and exhausting.
The game part comes from what you find along the way. For example; I did not know that I had 8 co-axial cables, yet when I looked for ONE s-video cable yesterday in my "Electronics" box I could not find any. I also didn't realize that I have so many shirts...FROM HIGH SCHOOL. Now I have told myself that the best time to get rid of these is during the move (mistake). It is just time consuming and I have a hard time getting rid of that baseball jersey from 6th grade that I won the Whiteland Invitational Baseball Tourney in, not mention my State Finals marching band shirt.

Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity to say that I will be shifting the idea of this blog ever so slightly.
Originally, I was only going to make posts about scientific things or other topics pertaining to being a scientist. I would like to continue that while also allowing my family and friends to share in my experiences. So Mom, go ahead and send the link to this blog to anyone you want because this will be easier for me to keep in touch with people than a cheesy letter at Christmas. I'm not big on stationeries anyway.

So in the spirit of this new direction, here's what's new:

This week marks the last of my work in Residential Life at Purdue. And while it has been fun I am ready to have my weekends and nights back to myself. It's been a roller coaster last two years but I am ready to grow up! This weekend I will be attending my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary! Congratulations to Dick and Jane Jackson! On the flip side, a friend told me that their grandparents 50th party was "off-the-chain!" Now I know that I won't be getting crunk at this celebration but it will be fun to finally drink a beer with my bro (it was his 21st birthday last month, congrats Adam). Oh and it's my other brother's birthday this week too...18th birthday! Porn, cigarettes, and lottery tickets, Hooray!!! Congrats, you mess up now you go to big boy jail!

The next week I finally move into my own place in West Lafayette. Feel free to stop by anytime when you're around town as I am always up for entertaining! And lastly, the same day I move into my new apartment my girl and I are headed to the John Mayer concert (I think we only wanted to see him now, for like 3-4 years...whatever). So yeah, the next couple weeks will be crazy awesome and I intend to follow this post up with a few entertaining stories. Until next time!